The Mushroom Issue 3

Mycology Press
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Featuring - An introduction to the most mysterious fungi on the planet from Syrena Whitner - Sam Shoemaker on amateurism and creative collaboration with the non-human - How is your Lion’s Mane supplement produced? Zhang Yi explains - A beautiful myxomycetes photostory by Max Mudie - A deep dive into sight vs smell and the appeal of stink with Siôn Parkinson - A basics guide to medicinal mushrooms and cancer by Martin Powell -  The possibilities of psychedelics in today’s world with Sam Gandy - The oldest fungal leather substitute in the world is still going strong, Atilla Fodi reports - A spicy shiitake skillet-bread by Sophia Roe - and of course the Research Round Up!
The Mushroom is published by Mycology Press as a not for profit undertaking with all profits donated to charities, especially those using mushrooms, to uplift, empower, and address some of the challenges we face at this time.